Norman Brier, Treasurer of the Community Consortium, Inc., is a Strategic and Financial Planning Executive with diversified experience in policy and budget development, intergovernmental and stakeholder relations, data management and analysis, revenue maximization and reimbursement/rate management.

Mr. Brier served as Director of the Bureau of Strategic and Financial Services with the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) from 1988-1996. In that capacity, he oversaw the development and implementation of reimbursement methodologies and revenue maximization strategies to support mental health services. As a member of the agency Cabinet, he was responsible for strategic policy, program and financial reviews; development of mental health managed care models; and preparation of Medicaid analysis for policy and budget development. Mr. Brier also served as liaison with providers, counties, other state agencies and US Health Care Finance Administration concerning Medicaid rates, financial recoupments, planning and financing services and Medicaid reimbursement policy. From 1983-1988, as Director of OMH’s Bureau of Program and Policy Analysis, he was responsible for preparation and publication of the agency’s annual statewide plan for mental health services, and for analysis of the fiscal and programmatic impact of reimbursement and service delivery design options.

Mr. Brier worked at the New York State Division of Budget from 1977-1983, beginning as a trainee and completing his service as a supervising Associate Budget Examiner, monitoring the budgets of the state’s human service agencies. His responsibilities included: fiscal and program analysis of agencies’ activities; review of annual spending and revenue plans, review of agencies’ annual budget requests to the Governor and preparation of recommendations; and review and comment on agencies’ legislative and program proposals.

Since his retirement from State service in 1996, Mr. Brier has worked part-time as an internal consultant with the Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, where he has the lead on several Federal Funds maximization projects focusing on Medicaid revenue strategies and Medicaid Disproportionate Share payments to hospitals. He also works as a consultant in financial planning for human services agencies; his clients have included state and local governments, not-for-profit service providers, hospitals and managed care companies.