Larry Roberts is the program director at a Center for Independent Living in Ithaca, New York. A social change and anti-oppression activist doing work in the movement against forced 'treatment,' Larry makes connections across and among the various oppressions. He is the former chair of the Recipient Advisory Committee at the New York State Office of Mental Health and the current chair of the City of Ithaca Disability Advisory Council. Larry was awarded the 2004 Steven Fellowes Award by the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission for his outstanding work on behalf of people with disabilities.

1989 was a pivitol year in his life as an activist. Upset by the sudden closure of a local psychiatric unit, his protest quickly brought him in touch with ex-patient activists. Within the next several years, Larry had served on the board of the Mental Health Association in New York State, joined the Recipient Advisory Committee, and helped organize protests against forced 'treatment' and involuntary outpatient commitment, working with many other activists to raise awareness of abuses in the psychiatric system. He played a key role in the Crisis Hostel Project, a national research project on peer-run, non-hospital crisis alternatives in the 1990s. Larry favors directing funds in the psychiatric system to more humane alternatives; in Ithaca, he has supported funding of a consumer advocacy center and advocacy programs at the local Mental Health Association.

Larry has extensive experience in the theory and practice of peer advocacy and peer support, and supervises the peer counseling program at the Center for Independent Living. As a trainer and facilitator, he has given workshops on advocacy basics, disability awareness, public speaking and media relations at state and national conferences. A writer and poet, Larry has published work in Bent: A Journal of Cripgay Voices (